About Us

Luddum Board Game Studio was found by 2 young Vietnamese entrepreneurs in 2018: Quan Nguyen, a talented designer (a rapper too) and Minh Tran, a digital marketer (also a father of 1-daughter).

We both love tabletop games, especially card games with hidden role mechanics, so we frequently travel & play UNO / Werewolf with our friends. All funny & amazing moments we experienced make us wonder why other people, particularly young generations, are never quite into tabletop games, but just stick with their phone & PC games all day?

For that reason, Luddum was born, with our dream to be able to create so unique & innovate games that more people (especially youngsters) will get excited to play and through that, join in the board game lovers community.

Mr. Minh Tran - (Marketer, Founder)
Mr. Quan Nguyen - (Designer, Founder)