Sick Pirate Mutiny

Sick Pirate Mutiny


Those who love thrilling stories about pirates during the 17th century, known as the Golden Age of Piracy, have probably heard of Blackbeard, an aggressive pirate ship frightening all merchants. But a few lucky sailors have been told Blackbeard’s biggest secret. It’s about a scary curse put on all Blackbeard’s crew, so they must forever suffer a defect in their bodies as punishment for their theft of Forbidden Treasures.

The only way to break the curse is for all crews to mutiny against Captain Sebastian Clark and his henchmen, then return all stolen treasures to beg for Blackbeard’s forgiveness…


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How To Play:

  • There are 2 teams. Each team is given 1 Color Map.
  • There are 4 decks on the table: the Character, Command, Reward and Punish decks.
  • To start the game, each player draws 1 Character Card.
  • The goal is to correctly guess every opponents’ Pirate Card. The team that first finishes this goal wins the game.
  • Each turn, you must draw 1 Command Card and decide if you DO or DO NOT complete it.
    • DO: Perform the listed action successfully and win a Reward Card. If you fail the action, draw Punish Card.
    • DO NOT: Return the Command Card to the bottom of the deck and draw a Punish Card. Remember that some pirates can’t complete certain Commands (see below)
  • Keep all drawn cards face up on the table. Only “Later Use” Reward cards can be kept face down (but turn them “face-up” after use).
  • If a deck runs out and a player needs to draw from it, shuffle its discard pile into a new deck and draw from it.


  • WATER OR ALCOHOL: Choose to drink water or alcohol before the game starts.
  • NO TOILET: You cannot go to the restroom once the game begins, if you do, you are eliminated from the game and your Character card is revealed. (Please be aware that holding your bladder can be quite dangerous, even lead to fatality in some cases, you decide to follow this game rule at your own risk)
  • SINK OR SWIM: You are able to choose anyone and guess his/her character on your turn (1 guess ONLY/1 turn). If CORRECT, the opponent will be eliminated, otherwise, you will be eliminated.
  • HELPFUL FOREVER: Eliminated players can still help their team in remembering opponents’ activities and contribute to group discussion.
  • PUNISH CARD: You will be asked an Identity Question from opponents whenever you have 2 new Punish cards: “Are you XXX Pirate?”. If correct, you will be eliminated from the game, otherwise, just answer “NO”.
  • REWARD CARD: Reward cards help your team make accurate guesses or avoid punishments. They can be used IMMEDIATELY or LATER (the card will tell you which). Keep LATER cards hidden face-down until used.


  • If you can do a Command card, you’re probably NOT the Pirate with the corresponding defect!
  • Your “Color Map” helps you remember all Character cards better.
  • Sometimes, you can intentionally skip doing a Command card to trick your opponents – but be careful since you’ll get a Punish card!

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